Alaina’s Debut EP Coming Soon

24th of September, 2018

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After a two-year long struggle to complete the band's lineup, Brisbane's Alaina is set to release their long-awaited Debut EP 'Homebound' in mid October

With beginnings, former Dark Relic members Ryan & Ty came together to form a band to release the music they’d been writing together in the years since the band broke up.  After a year of reaching out, auditioning and losing guitarists and bassists, they managed to, in December of 2017 secure Sam (Empanic, Last Til Dawn & Gentle Person’s Club) and Dale (Tim Sparks Fire) to complete the band; formerly called Co-mind; now called Alaina.

In January of 2018, they hit the studio to commence recording for their Debut EP which is scheduled to be released on October 13th with their release show presently verging on sold out at Crowbar.

It’s been a long road filled with emotions, drama, an attempted law-suit and a lot of money spent, but the boys are pretty excited to finally hit you with their Debut EP ‘Homebound’.