So you've bought a ticket online from our shop - now what?

follow url No physical copy?  No printable copy?  Help! 

follow url It’s okay, the moment you confirmed your order with us, your name was added into our system as an attendee of this event, and you’ll now be added to the list of people our door person will be using on the day of the event.  This list is updated in real time, so tickets purchased moments before the event will still be valid!

What happens now?

Simply turn up to the event, state your name at the door, show us some ID if it’s an 18+ event and you’ll be permitted entry.  We’ve designed this process to be as easy as humanly possible.

I bought multiple tickets.  How will my friends/family whom I bought tickets for get in?

You kind soul!  Don’t fret, we record the amount of tickets sold per buyer and list them as plus ones. Simply ensure they’re with you when you enter and they’ll get in without any issues!

I used a fake name when I bought my ticket.  How do I get in?

Congratulations!  You’re an idiot 🙂 That’s okay though, you’re, at the very least, a paying idiot – you’ll be emailed a receipt upon purchase of your tickets – present this at the door (on your phone is totally fine) and you’ll be permitted entry to the event.

get link I have other questions!

Email and ask us – We don’t bite!