Interview with Floyd from YOTA Campers

26th of September, 2018  |  Zac Benjamin

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After a successful day of shooting music videos in Mango Hill, we sat down with owner and manager Floyd of YOTA campers to learn a little bit more about the ethos behind YOTA campers.

go Floyd: “YOTA started from humble beginnings. When I started my first mechanical job and had my first camper just living and travelling and surfing – it was such a good way to life live that I thought, how can I share this with other people?”

“The ethos behind YOTA campers is to send a message to the world through our collaborative lifestyle. Between surfing, travelling, food, music and art – the campers are the tool to create your own adventure with your own people. Other people can and have also put their own energy, their own message into the campers as well. That’s the overall message and idea behind YOTA campers.”

enter BTM: That actually leads me to my next question, I was wondering who the artists are that paint the campers?

source Floyd: Yeah well that’s the same thing again, it’s always been a collaborative effort with my tribe, obviously I always do all the mechanical and fit out work on the campers but everyone that’s been around – friends, family and everyone that’s been involved has helped with the artistic design of the campers.

BTM: Finally, where did the name YOTA come from?

Floyd: My first van was actually a Toyota and as the lettering eventually came off it became the ‘YO’ van. Everyone knew it as the ‘YO’ van but then over time with the lettering and art it became the YOTA van, and after a few creative name changes ‘You Own The Adventure’ was born.

Get in touch with YOTA campers at 0423 478 312 or find them on social media

https://www.facebook.com/pg/Yotacampers/ or @yotacampers 

Zac Benjamin

Zac Benjamin

Guitarist, videographer, creative and all-round good fella.