For acts who are simply looking for regular gigs. BTM Management provide a basic EPK to send promoters while you work on your music, image,
social media and administration.  This is ideal for artists who are just getting their start and need the stage experience, all the way through to veterans who have a lot going on and need to automate their bookings!

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For acts who are simply looking for regular gigs.


BTM Management will –
  • Be a booking agent for the band
  • Offer first preference to roster artists for tours & other BTM services
  • Offer invites to any official BTM social events (Optional – no extra cost)
  • Assist with planning and preparing launch shows for releases (Optional – no extra cost)
  • 10% discount on BTM Services across the board
  • 10% discount on event tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply purchase membership above and we’ll send out the induction within 24 hours.

In the majority of cases, BTM Management does not take a commission for any payments.  

BTM Management provides a worksheet for every gig played which has clear details of how payment will work for that respective show – artists are required to acknowledge reading these worksheets before playing any gig with us.

Yes.  If this is something you’d be interested in, feel free to email us on

Our shows are typically a strong mix where the artist can safely play covers and originals in however large a volume they find suitable. 

They vary pretty considerably between venues, dates and shows – lowest is 20min, highest is generally 3hrs which is usually broken into three 45min sets with a 15min break between each.

It largely depends on what’s available and can be affected by the time of year, climate and a number of other thing, but we can typically fit at least one gig a week in and it only grows from there. 

As stated above, it largely depends on what’s available and how far ahead we’ve booked, but in most cases we can offer a booking within the week.

Fill out our invoicing form after you’ve played the gig.  We typically send out payments on the 30th/1st of the month.  All invoices are payable within 30 days.