THD Gig Review – Unbridled and Unadulterated Hip-Hop

4th of October, 2018  |  Staff Writer

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"Kings of the Trap", a phrase accurately describing the Southern Brisbane based hip-hop/trap trio as they prepare to hit the Brisbane Music Scene with both feet first!

I was lucky enough to acquire a door spot to their ‘Home Invasion’ EP Launch at the Woolly Mammoth last Saturday and, as it’s my first hip-hop/trap show in a good while, I was pleasantly surprised with how far the Brisbane local scene has pushed the genre in the past year.

The supports provided a much needed ebb and flow to the night.  As any good dinner needs good crudités, a killer show needs killer supports.  With the crowd-favourite support act JBorchyy and his crew already firing up upon my arrival, it was apparent that this show was going to be pretty high-energy.  At least that was my thoughts until, leading up to the main act, we got hit with some chill hip-hop from Jamie Rose.  Ebb and flow.    

It’s at this point I’d like to give a shout out to the DJ for the night, it was never at any point clear to me if what I was seeing between songs was planned banter or unplanned tech issues.  In any case, the beats kept flowing and the show kept going.

When THD finally hit the stage, it was on.  Kicking off the show up with the intro to their recent single KOTT to set the vibe, then following with unbridled and unadulterated hip-hop.   The set list continued on with the ebb and flow which had been present throughout the whole night with their track ‘Diamonds’ making an appearance which brought the energy down and demonstrated THD’s ability to engage a crowd intimately. 

It’s become a bit of a staple that if you’re catching a show at Mammoth’s ‘Mane’ Stage, you’ll see an insane light show, and, of course, this was definitely no exception.  

If you made it to the show I’m sure you’ll agree THD didn’t fail to put on a show which won’t soon be forgotten. To Brisbane’s resident ‘Kings of the Trap’, I give a solid 8/10.  Definitely check them out if you’re a fan of the genre and you appreciate a stellar live show.