Zac BNJMN Hits The Lights With The Video For His Latest Single

30th of November

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Blasting the listener with face-obliterating riffs, Zac BNJMN is dropping his new music video, Skyline

Zac’s maintained a strong presence in the Brisbane instrumental rock music scene for a long time now and we’re stoked that he’s let us have a peak at his latest track in video form today.


Skylines kicks the viewer in the face immediately with bright lights and energetic music.  Shot on location for QUBE Effect, the video radiates high-production vibes.

As the track progresses the riffs develop and keep the listener engages while they’re mesmerized by the performance and lighting in the video.

Zac BNJM has added the perfect item to his catalog with Skylines – check out the video below and catch him at the launch party tomorrow night at Vinnie’s Dive!